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This time of year is really the most wonderful time of year, but it also means the wallet is getting hit real hard.

Every day, we are receiving packages and gifts on our doorstep from family and friends. And every evening, I am scouring the web trying to find the best deals and most suitable presents for my parents, siblings, niece, nephews, cousins, and all of my friends that decided to be pregnant around this time yes, I am a sucker for sending baby gifts and what better time than to do it over the holidays!

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Well Black Friday and Green Monday OK, I swear I just learned about this yesterday have already passed but a lot of stores will still have discounts throughout the end of the year. I love how Gmail splits up mail so that most of those emails go to the Promotions Inbox instead of your Primary one.

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But let me tell you, over the past few weeks, during nursing sessions or just late at night when I am in bed, I enter enter enter giveaways. If you have a group of friends that normally give gifts to each other, instead of having everyone buy a gift for everyone else, set up a gift exchange Secret Santa or White Elephant style. Also, White Elephant gift exchanges are fun, where you pick gifts and can trade for previously opened gifts as well.

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I wish I was more creative, but DIYing gifts is always so nice. You can usually save since you are only buying materials or you may already have materials around your house for a gift. Or even a photo gift like coasters or calendars are usually pretty affordable and is so personalized, all you need to do is upload your own pictures to the item! Apply fast online and get TONS of free baby samples.

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