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Head over to the cash back offers section for a unique way to save even more money on shopping that you do every day. Simply sign up for your account to start quickly earning cash back on your purchases. If you prefer online shopping, this is the site for you. You just need to remember to first log in to the eBates site, then access the link to the online store you want. The money you make on referrals is usually in the form of a gift card, but you have quite a few popular retailers to choose from. You can find fantastic trips , imported goods, and unique experiences anywhere in the world when you shop on Groupon.

The home page lists some of the top deals going on and can give you ideas for a fun date or outing. We love Groupon because it has a wide range of fun activities at incredible prices. Products on Amazon are already very affordable and these coupons can save you even more money.

If you love shopping on Amazon, you know how great the deals are all year long. The coupon site is easy to use and understand and has a long list of categories on the left-hand side, allowing you to filter for what you need. You can also browse current coupon offerings or search for specific coupons by brand name.

The Krazy Coupon Lady is more than just a site to find coupons.

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This site can teach you techniques on saving money through coupons and finds great deals that everyone can take advantage of. The Krazy Coupon Lady has an extensive list of money-saving coupons that are always relevant and up to date. The site usually hosts some sort of competition that puts users to the test in money-saving skills. The site allows you to shop like you normally would on one of thousands of retail websites, all while making it easy to add deals and discounts to your shopping cart before you check out. There are tons of informative posts and even courses you can register for that are all about extreme couponing.

It can be intimidating getting into the world of extreme couponing for the first time, but this site has a lot of fantastic resources to help. If you love cooking, this site has a section dedicated entirely to inexpensive recipes that are simple to make. The recipe posts list all of the ingredients you need, easy to follow instructions, and pictures of the final product, making this site a great resource for all of your couponing needs. Free Shipping is a website that was designed with online shoppers in mind. If you like free shipping and saving money while online shopping, this site is a great place to start.

Either browse the homepage for top deals or browse one of the dozens of shopping categories. You also have the option to search for a specific brand or business. While some online stores will charge you for shipping, Free Shipping works with thousands of retailers to get you free shipping deals on your online purchases. Free Shipping allows you to cut out the cost of shipping so you have more money to buy the things you love. From the best coupons you can print or use online to helpful courses on how to find shopping deals and everything in between, Money Saving Mom has it all. Rather than just listing coupons by categories, this site is tailored toward working parents and families.

We love this site because it goes beyond coupons and online shopping.

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Money Saving Mom is an excellent resource for busy families. Their focus is natural and organic products, which are often expensive in stores.

Mambo Sprouts has also created some fun and healthy recipes for you to follow if you want to cook at home. Using healthy and natural ingredients, these recipes use ingredients from retailers that often partner with Mambo Sprouts, meaning you can easily find a discount for the ingredients you need on their coupons page. Simply print your coupons to take shopping with you or copy them online to make saving money incredibly simple.

No matter where you do your shopping, Mambo Sprouts probably has a coupon for it. With new coupon offers every week, Mambo Sprouts can save you tons of money on expensive health foods. While our list in no way covers every single coupon site out there, these are our top choices for coupon sites because while they offer some of the best shopping deals around, most of them offer more than just coupons. Stop wasting your time cutting out coupons in your local newspaper.

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Supermarkets don't offer coupons out of the goodness of their hearts - it's an integral part of their money-making strategy. The promotions are part of what we call a double-barrelled 'capture and exploit' approach:. Here the aim's to attract new customers who wouldn't otherwise shop there - normally with discount vouchers and codes, or hefty discounts on a small range of items. This is about targeting existing customers, with the dual aim of making them feel they're getting better value to promote customer stickiness and trying to encourage impulse spending through promotions on attractive luxury items.

Possibly - but probably not. It's also shot in the US, where couponing is a whole different ball game - stores there have really embraced the idea to a much greater extent than in the UK. That said, as the examples above show, there are massive bargains to be had here as well. Even if you don't quite get your shopping for free, the savings on offer can definitely make the extra hassle involved well worthwhile. Don't be ashamed to use coupons, even when it takes up a long time at the till.

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Remember, as long as you're following the rules, you're entirely within your rights to use them. Couponing got me through some hard times. I'm not ashamed I use coupons - I'm proud of it! I print money off coupons from MSE and never go shopping without knowing exactly where is the cheapest. My monthly shop is way under our budget every month. While the art of extreme couponing takes time to master, it's easy to get started with these 10 basic tips. Coupons are everywhere - they're easy to miss if you're not looking out for them, but keep your eyes peeled and you'll start seeing them all over the place. Printable coupons are the main way to get your hands on them in the UK. There are often at least 50 available for you to print. Most require you to download a coupon printing software - it's safe, it just makes sure the barcode is able to be scanned.

Once you've downloaded the software, you won't have to again. They will not give you money off any food, unless cat food gets you purring! Coupons will default to a cashback option which you can claim by uploading a receipt of your purchase to the website , though if you want a printable coupon, be sure to select that option after adding the coupons to your basket. It has new coupons about once a month. To check if you can, simply come out of the coupon page and click back in. You'll be told on screen whether you have reached your print limit or not.

Tesco has coupons monthly, and other supermarkets such as Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Co-op have them occasionally. They don't pop up all of the time, but it's worth picking up a copy on your morning commute and flicking through just in case. Aside from the Metro, coupons rarely pop up in other national newspapers, and if they do, they'll generally be advertised on the front cover. Before you a buy newspaper or mag just for coupons, always weigh up whether you'll actually make a saving. If the coupon's worth less than the paper costs, think twice. The most desirable and sought-after coupons, as most of the time these are high-value and sometimes get you a freebie.

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There are several ways to get them, but it does take a bit of effort:. Let them know! If they are in the right mood when you send them an email, you might get a coupon sent to you in the post for money off. The more effort you put into these the better.

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  7. Companies love it if you go all out by sending a selfie, poem, or draw a picture, and they're more likely to send you coupons if they can see you've used your imagination. Company name , Company name , you are a dream, Not anyone else can be more supreme, Oozing with joy and bursting with flavour, Every single day you are my saviour. Make sure you hang onto the faulty product's packaging, as the company may ask to see it. Never pay for coupons. Some Del Boy types still sell coupons online. If you try to use them, you'll be turned away - and you could leave yourself open to prosecution for fraud.

    There are hundreds of loyalty cards and signing up to the ones for the stores you visit at least once a month is worth it as some send coupons out of the blue.