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Night Trains in Europe

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When you're checking schedules for night trains, it helps to pay attention to the details. A connection doesn't have to be direct to be a workable overnight option — it all depends on the timing.

Choose and Buy a Rail Pass

If you need to change trains a half hour after boarding, you'll still get some sleep. But if the connection involves getting off at a. Book your night-train reservation at least a few days in advance.

On popular routes, such as Nightjets connecting Austria and Germany to some neighboring countries, reservations can sell out further ahead, making it worthwhile to commit before you even leave for Europe. Some train travelers are ripped off while they sleep — they're usually the ones who haven't safely stashed their money and valuables in a money belt. And while you'll hear stories of entire train cars being gassed and robbed in Italy, Spain, and countries farther east, it's extremely rare and I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

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Most overnight trains offer one or two different ways to sleep; the more comfortably you sleep, the more you pay. To ensure a safer and uninterrupted night's sleep, you can reserve a sleeping berth known as a couchette koo-SHET. Most couchettes are the same in first and second class.

Thello Trains from France to Italy | ItaliaRail

These may be considered second-class options, but occasionally require a first-class ticket or pass. When booking your couchette, you can request the top, middle, or bottom berth. While the top bunk gives you more privacy and luggage space, it can be hotter and stuffier than lower bunks and a couple of inches shorter a concern if you're six feet or taller. Compartments may be coed or single gender, depending on the route.

As you board, you'll give your couchette voucher and rail pass or ticket to the attendant. This is the person who deals with the conductors and keeps out the thieves so you can sleep uninterrupted.

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In case of a border check unlikely in most of Europe these days , you'll either be woken up to show your passport, or your attendant will ask for your passport in advance and handle this task for you. These sleeper compartments are more comfortable but pricier than couchettes. Shoestring travelers just sack out for free, draping their tired bodies over as many unoccupied seats as possible.

But trust me: Trying to sleep overnight without a bed can be more lumpy than dreamy.