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Masters landlords may present challenge to $800m Home Consortium deal

Popular on LinkedIn. These properties were leased. According to Woolworths Limited annual reports, [31] Masters results were:.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some irony, is that a lot of Dick Smith middle management jumped ship to Masters once Dick Smith was sold to Anchorage… how they could trust Woolies to not mess things up a second time, I have no idea. The crazy thing is when Dick Smith was in trouble they said supermarkets need to make cuts to compensate.

Then they did the same thing when Masters wasn't profitable after a year. Then again when it still wasn't profitable.

Every change in upper management brings some new idea that the next change in upper management pretty much reverse. All the while they've wasted serious money implementing those changes. Sure it's a private company and they can run it how they want but when their piece of the pie is as big as it is every stupid mistake has serious consequences for customers, staff, contractors, even neighbouring businesses and property developers. When you add all those people up it really has an impact on the community in general. Its interesting that if Woolies was a private company Masters would have probably been given around 10 years to turn a profit.

Given they are publically listed they arn't able to do whatever they want as ultimately they are accountable to shareholders.

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Aldi is privately owned so much better managed. At the end of the day woolies management is spending someone else's money, ie the shareholders. Woolworths senior management are total stuff ups… even their flagship grocery business is being outdone in the marketplace big time. They are experts at laying blame away from themselves and whilst ever they continue to do that WW will continue to sink.

They need a big flush out at the top level. I worked in Petrol at the store level during the Top Gear mess. Upper management had set store budgets on the basis that it would be a wild success, and when it wasn't stores were expected to make the difference. Thankfully I'm out of retail and out of that company now. Also, I'm working in Petrol. A year as of April.

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Ho hum. Coincidentally I left march a year ago. Got lucky and managed to get into software development. Until recently we still had one of those things, actually. I think I recall reading that woolworths is self-insured otherwise I would suggest that Tobias and mith may have Freudian slipped onto a clever idea. But my kids love their racing car trolley!

Had a feeling this was coming since their specials lately have been very competitive to say the least.


The person on the exit door never let me wheel those trolleys out to my car, even though I had a kid in it. I'm guessing they go missing often. Pretty sure they will sell everything off likely they did with dick smith so Im sure you can buy a trolley if you have use for it. If it's anything like Dick Smith it will have a silly meme on the for sale sign and be priced at twice what it cost new. In the Dick Smith case, I got a bunch of bargains before they went into receivership, not much after that. Retail components is a small business.

I remember it fondly but if the original dick smith came back today I wouldn't shop there, I don't even shop at Jaycar because their are an absolute rip off for both components and their cheap low quality plastic junk.